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Get the latest craft beer industry news to know in 6 minutes (ish). PLUS interviews with people on the front lines of selling craft beer, from Bar Owners to Marketing Execs, Sales Reps and Event Organizers.


Jul 31, 2017

Shorts sells stake to Lagunitas US, Fat Head's huge Ohio expansion, Against The Grain contract brews in Germany, Boston Beer + ABI  2Q earnings. Brooklyn's last big investment for 2017. They promise.

Jul 24, 2017

UK Independent Brewers make their own package seal, DUCLAW up for sale, MILLER changes agencies. Again. New NEW BELGIUM Ceo chosen, Gypsy Brewers plan breweries. Your 6 minute (ish) weekly update on the important craft beer stories of the week

Jul 16, 2017

New Glarus doubles in size, Carlsberg + Brooklyn..AGAIN, new Tenth & Blake leadership, US Barley at 30yr low. Subscribe to our newsletter

Jul 13, 2017

Heavy Seas major expansion, GBH welcomes Guinness $, Brooklyn & Carlsberg do it again, Mikkeller comes to NYC.  Get newsletter with links to all stories  Its like free and everything.

Jul 12, 2017

Brewdog Expansion plans, the BA makes a label, Target wants to sell more beer. Subscribe to newsletter at for links to all featured stories.